An American Woman

By Dr. Ella Davis

An American Woman Book

An American Woman is an oration resulting from author Ella Davis’ participation in a program recognizing American women.  This oration can be used for any occasion.  Davis chose to recognize Louisiana figures, as well as national figures who shaped our nation’s history.

This book can be used by educators, historians, and orators.  Administrators of museums may use the book as well.


Recognized Locally

“Johnye Brown, a librarian by job title, but we knew her as a person who gave countless hours of her personal time to make sure that learners have a beautiful place to read as well as a wide variety of works to read” (Ella Davis:  An American Woman).

Recognized Nationally

“Coretta Scott King, wife of our beloved Martin Luther King, Jr.
Coretta challenged and won the fight to honor her husband’s memory by establishing a national holiday”(Ella Davis:  An American Woman).   From the lips of Martin, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  “Martin left us, but his memory will impact us forever… The Dream-The Voice-The Words-The Legacy

And now that unknown woman…
Your mother, my mother
Your sister, my sister…”  (Ella Davis:  An American Woman).



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