Other Works

All Children LearnDr. Davis owns a registered trademark for A+ Special Education Classroom, and will offer consulting services in the field of special education in developing an A+ Special Education Classroom.  This is an innovative approach to help special students achieve at the A+ level.  This is an entirely new concept in special education.   Additionally, consulting services will be offered by Dr. Davis concerning the field of Classroom Design and teaching reading to children, teenagers, and adults.  Contact Davis concerning these consulting services.

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Other works authored by Dr. Davis include:

  • Numerous articles for churches and schools
  • Contributor for Developing Literacy Skills Across the Curriculum for Grambling State University
  • Special Education Lesson Plan Booklet
  • A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Special Education Class
  • My Math Fact Booklet
  • I’m Behaving Now
  • Behavior Booklet
  • My Word Booklet
  • I’m Special – Teach Me to Read, Write, and Spell
  • A+ Special Education Resource Room
  • The Mark of a Leader